Announcing Gweeplefest 2!

For our second Gweeplefest we have chosen to donate all the profits to Play2Give, a fantastic fundraising organisation based in Oxford, for Oxford and surrounding areas. They have raise an incredible amount and we are proud to be associating with them.

In the main hall we will have set tables for all day games, play testing, and maybe even themed competitions. We will of course have a large number of tables for people to play games on, and you can borrow from our library too.

We are looking to get a local games shop in to run a stall, a sweet vendor for snack and drinks and we have a professional painting company running painting classes for free. Bring along a mini to try and paint it.

In the second hall we will have a bigger family games area in the second hall, and more family friendly games. A room for those wanting to join in with the RPG’s.

Are you a games designer or know of one, do you fancy a table? Is there anything you would like to see? Comment below, be great to see some good ideas.

Tickets are on sale now!

As far as we can tell the first Gweeplefest was the biggest of its kind in Oxfordshire this year, lets make this even bigger!

Come find us at Gweeples:

Take a look at our pictures from May

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